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- Candice Silversides, MD
- Jack Colman, MD
- Angela Kennie
- Olga H. Balint, MD
- Natalie Bottega, MD
- Luke Burchill, MD
- Shital Ghandi, MD
- Matthias Greutmann, MD
- Jasmine Grewal, MD
- May Ling Mah, MD
- Anne McLeod, MD
- Mark Osten, MD
- Julie Robertson, MD
- Lucy Roche, MD
- Mathew Sermer, MD
- Samuel Siu, MD
- David Tanous, MD
- Daniel Tobler, MD
- Rachel Wald, MD
- Sergey Yalonetsky, MD
- Sing Yap, MD

  Lucy Roche, MD

Dr. Lucy Roche attended medical school at Leeds University, UK. She spent one year as the extracorporeal life support Fellow at the Freeman Hospital (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) before completing pediatric cardiology training, also at the Freeman Hospital. Between 2007 and 2009 she was the Philip Witchel Heart Failure Fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada). She completed fellowship training in adult congenital heart disease at Toronto General Hospital (Toronto, Canada). Her areas of expertise are heart failure and transplantation in congenital heart disease, pediatric cardiology, and pregnancy and heart disease.

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